Our Story

It is not often that dreams are made into a reality, but that’s what happened when we teamed up to create Money Hole. We took our idea, built it, perfected it, played it and here we are today presenting it to the world.

We are two cousins from Connecticut who revolutionized a backyard board game. Growing up and graduating from the University of Connecticut together wasn’t enough, so we partnered up to bring our idea to life.

We wanted to create a game that could be played standing alongside friends, that could be easily carried and played anywhere, and that incorporated elements from all of our favorite games (beer pong, kanjam, cornhole, skeetball). Most importantly, we wanted to create a game that was competitive, fun, and could be played by anyone.

After nearly three years of perfecting our product, we are proud to bring it to the market. We are dedicated to spreading Money Hole to every backyard and beach across the world. Our mission is to provide every backyard with a fresh new look that brings everyone together and keeps the competition alive.

We hope you enjoy playing as much as we do!


Max & Chris

The Money Hole Team